Sunday, 25 March 2012

All Change

Three weeks ago I dug up the boring paving slabs, wrecked the lawn and my finger nails.  I turned this ...

..... in to this!

And this ..... to this!

I planted two new Cherry trees, a Magnolia and a Castor Oil Plant (Fatsia Japonica); Bearded Iris, Oriental Poppies; Lupins; Fuschia; Foxgloves and Aquilega. To look at my nails you might think I don't own a spade! By the time my hands recover I will have Sunflower and Nasturtiums seedlings appearing under the trellis to join the Honeysuckle and Clematis. 

We added Tree Sparrow, Blackcap and Chiffchaff to the garden list today.  I spotted a Small Tortoiseshell butterfly and this beautiful Peacock:

Peacock butterfly

The birds and the bees were very active in the warmth ... and the Ladybirds joined in!  They seemed to be every where .... It might be a good job as our UK Ladybirds are under threat from the Harlequin Ladybird, the most invasive Ladybird on earth!  It arrived in Britain in 2004 and its impact is being monitored very closely.  Here is the website if you want more information - UK Ladybird Survey.

Two 7-spot Ladybirds on Parsley

The sun makes everything glow.




Grape Hyacinth



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